Who am I?

Hello, my name is Hannah. I am an Australian graphic designer and final year marketing student currently tasked to write a semi-weekly blog based on the learning material provided in Digital Marketing MKTG 1415 at RMIT University.


For the past 16 months I have been living in Switzerland as an exchange student, where I ate a lot of bread and a lot of cheese and a lot of chocolate. After coming back to Australia I am finally able to fit into my pants again. It was worth it though.

Outside of studying, I enjoy making things (either by hand or digitally), hiking up mountains, looking at trees and spending time with my artist partner (when we happen to be in the same country).  I am also a huge advocate for migration and cross-cultural experiences and would be happy to have a conversation with you regarding Australia’s appalling visa processing times and why we should all experience living as a ‘foreigner’.

If you are interested in getting to know me and my work a little better, I suggest visiting my website, where you can view everything I was proud of enough to publish on the internet.

If I have written anything of interest to you on this blog, please leave a comment and start a dialogue as I am being assessed not only on my content, but on my ability to generate discussion. I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to interacting with you soon!